By Mark Manfredi, Project Lead and IT Business Process Analyst at Bristol-Meyers Squibb


Bristol-Myers Squibb has found substantial value in the data contained in the Pistoia Alliance Chemical Safety Library through integration of the data in our Discovery research notebook. When recording the details of an experiment in the notebook if a scientists enters a combination of reagents contained within the CSL, a warning message is generated containing information from the CSL as well as links to additional information.

Generally scientists are aware of hazardous reagents and take appropriate precautions during their use. However when two seemingly non-hazardous reagents are combined under the right conditions incidents may occur. This is where the CSL proves its value to the community.

We find that the database in its current form has sufficient data to be of value to the entire scientific community and encourage scientists from every institution to make additional entries to the database to improve upon this extremely valuable resource.

If you have questions about the Chemical Safety Library , please visit the project page or contact