We’re pleased to announce the official release of our new UXLS Toolkit! Designed to provide valuable information about User Experience (UX) practices, the UXLS Toolkit is tailored to benefit the R&D life science community. In order to facilitate the adoption of standards in the development of scientific software, the UXLS Toolkit aims to share best practices and raise awareness of UX within the R&D Life Sciences.

The UXLS Toolkit has been created by the pre-competitive, collaborative efforts of over 50 UX Specialists in many Life Science organizations across the world who have contributed industry-wide best practices. The UXLS Toolkit aims to empower R&D life science professionals to understand the benefits that better UX design can offer through engagement with a wider audience.

In the UXLS Toolkit, you will find detailed methods, case studies, and tips for the Life Sciences, focused on designing better and more intuitive systems and processes. Currently, there are six case studies and ten methods published from the Life Science organizations ranging from UI Design to User Research to evaluating UX activities. Within the UXLS Toolkit, you’ll find meaningful principles that will assist and explain activities to project teams to deliver user-friendly digital solutions.

These digital solutions will be further discussed at the inaugural User Experience for Life Sciences Conference being held on the 14th and 15th of May 2018 at the Novartis Institutes of Biomedical Research in Boston, Massachusetts. The conference will feature keynote speakers from world-renowned Life Science companies and hands-on workshops to promote a better understanding of UX in practice.