Gabrielle Whittick, Project Manager, Chemical Safety Library (CSL) asking why would you not share safety information to help others.

You could prevent a reaction incident occurring in the lab so easily, by sharing the details of the reaction and a warning in the free tool, Chemical Safety Library (CSL).

A Chemist was chatting to me recently and said:

When I was working in the labs, carrying out experiments, I was really working in the dark, there was nowhere to go to look up the actual reaction I was about to perform to see if there were any risks I should be aware of… I just had to find out!

I remember the story about a incident where  Sodium borohydride was being used and the reaction became runaway resulting in a fire, luckily contained in the hood. Four years later, exactly the same incident occurred and again there was a fire. Why wasn’t the reaction information captured the first time and made readily available,  to prevent the incident being repeated?

CSL gives an easy way to capture such hazardous reaction incidents, the data can be downloaded from the tool and used to prevent such incidents being repeated.

Why would you not share reaction incident information and improve lab safety?

Why not enter your safety incidents to avoid similar future incidents via the Chemical Safety Library?