Join us for an enlightening webinar as industry leaders Eurofins and InsilicoTrials shed light on cutting-edge approaches to revolutionize toxicity studies. In this dynamic session, we will explore the transformative power of in vitro assays and in silico predictive analysis, replacing traditional animal models with ethical, efficient, and scientifically advanced alternatives.

Key Highlights:
  • Eurofins In Vitro Assays:
    Discover the realm of in vitro assays with Eurofins, where experts unveil the versatility and precision of toxicity signature/prediction analysis. Learn how these advanced methods provide reliable insights into toxicity without relying on animal testing.
  • InsilicoTrials In Silico Predictive Analysis:
    Delve into the future of predictive analysis with InsilicoTrials as they showcase the immense potential of in silico methods. Explore how computational modeling can accurately predict toxicity outcomes, revolutionizing the way we approach pre-clinical studies.


  • Alastair King, Ph.D. Head of Biology, Eurofins
  • Luca Emili, InSilico Trials


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