Date: 28th & 29th June 2017. Location: EMBL- EBI on the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton UK.

The 2nd Pistoia Alliance User Experience workshop, run in conjunction with the EBI Industry Programme, was held in the EBI’s Garden Room. 40 delegates from 20 members companies along with some special guests gathered for two days of activities coordinated by the Pistoia Alliance project manager Paula de Matos and facilitated by Nick Skinner of Poppyfish Consulting.

Day 1:

The very significant and high-quality work achieved to-date in constructing a UX LS toolkit was considered and in particular the following tools were reviewed:

  • The “Guide to UX” including “UX Approaches & Principles” and “Why UX Matters for Life Sciences”
  • The “Methods” section with instruction on how to “Discover” (Contextual Inquiry, User Interviews), “Design” (Prototyping) & “Deliver” (Usability Testing),
  • “UX in action” containing case studies and the current examples were “Clinical Trials Analysis Tool Redesign”, “Seeing Scientists Work”, and “Understanding Bench Scientists”.

A fascinating key-note address was given by Adrian Westaway the Principal of Special Projects, Design and Invention Studio.

Day 2:

The workshop set out to identify, prioritise and plan the next steps. More case studies would be produced, a metrics section would be delivered, outreach activities would be reinforced, and discussions about the feasibility and delivery of a tool for assessing an organisation’s state of UX maturity were absorbed into the plan. All this to be delivered by the end of Q4 this year!
Workshop attendees – pictured below – undertook to complete the next stages of the toolkit build with the enthusiasm and energy that had characterised the work so far and undertook to reconvene as a group, F-2- F, sometime towards the end of Q1, 2018.

Interested in knowing more or joining the UXLS team, go to our project webpage

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