The Life Science Informatics Forum, established in 2021, is a developing community focused on sparking discussions on leading-edge topics within the broader Life Science Informatics arena and, more specifically, the Biopharma R&D informatics sector.

Evolution Timeline

  • 2021: Birth of the Forum
  • 2022: Initiation of the first series of meetings
  • 2023: A year of growth with four insightful meetings


UK Steering Committee

The forum’s direction is guided by four well-recognised informaticians viz:

  • Anthony Rowe from Janssen
  • Bryn Williams-Jones, previously with Pfizer and Benevolent AI
  • Darren Green from GSK
  • Derek Marren from AstraZenec

Events scheduled for 2024, in March, June, September and December.

USA Steering Committee

The forum’s direction is guided by well-recognised informaticians viz:

  • Matt Clark – Ability Biologics
  • Thierry Breyette – AbbVie
  • Tom Plasterer – AstraZeneca
  • Helena Deus – BMS
  • Mick Kappler – IDEAYA BioScience
  • Tom Rush – Merck

Their combined expertise ensures discussions are relevant and transformative.

Key Discussion Points

Since inception, the forum has explored several “hot topics” such as:

  • Addressing the data science skills deficit
  • Leveraging the power of Large Language Models
  • Knowledge Graphs
  • The opportunities for Digital Twins

Session Format:

  • Forum kick-off; greeting from that the meeting’s sponsor. This is followed by 3-4 brief presentations, each lasting 15-20 minutes, by specialists well-versed in the chosen theme to provide the body of knowledge to inform the later discussions.
  • Networking.
  • Facilitated Interactive Debates: Engaging group discussions, enriched by the earlier sessions.
  • Post-meeting reception, courtesy of the meeting sponsor.


Member Dynamics

With a strong membership base, we try to follow the “rule of 30” for our meetings. This ensures that while we have a comprehensive range of perspectives, the gathering remains of a size to allow for uninhibited dialogues.

Connect & Collaborate

If you would like the opportunity to engage in relevant informatics discussions and network with fellow practitioners in the industry, contact

John Wise (UK & Benelux Chapters)


Cristina Fasca (Benelux, German & Italian Chapters)


Tim Hoctor (USA Chapter) 


Zahid Tharia (Global Sponsorship enquiries)