We are delighted to announce the 5 finalists for the Pistoia Alliance President’s Startup Challenge 2016. They show innovative solutions that demonstrate how the harnessing and utilisation of scientific data will truly advance scientific research and development in this age of exponential data creation.

The finalists are:

Insightomics helps life sciences R&D discover actionable patterns by blending interactive visualizations with state-of-the-art machine learning and statistical methods in a big data platform. The Insightomics Platform is an engine for creating visually rich, intuitive, and interactive bioinformatics apps – BioApps.

BioApp Creator is a software tool which will enable researchers without coding skills to create functionally- relevant BioApps. Through an easy-to-use web-based user interface, they will be able to create apps which are visualization-focused by nature, and integrate transparently with underlying bioinformatics methods.

Thanks to its web application Radiomics Enabler®, Medexprim gives hospitals and researchers new capabilities to efficiently and securely exploit their medical image archives for research and to valorize these resources within external collaborations. Medexprim contributes to accelerating medical research and helps researchers to find and validate new imaging biomarkers.

Monocl EGO is a new groundbreaking cloud-based analytics platform specifically designed to help pharmaceutical professionals working with R&D informatics, competitive intelligence, medical affairs, strategic planning and other important business functions gain key insights and make smarter decisions.

Through a sophisticated machine learning architecture – currently based on publications, clinical trials, financial payments and investment data – we have generated more than 6 million profiles of scientific experts and indexed 130+ million collaborations between these experts. The platform helps users find and evaluate relevant experts in a groundbreaking manner, as well as reach out to them through an intelligent relational approach.

Pharmacelera (www.pharmacelera.com) is a Computer-Aided Drug Design software company that develops disruptive hardware / software solutions to increase the productivity of pharmaceutical R&D. Pharmacelera’s products tackle both quality and speed in the initial stages of drug discovery through a unique and proprietary molecular analysis engine and the usage of hardware accelerators. Pharmacelera’s products, PharmScreen and PharmQSAR, are based on algorithms that use a full 3D representation of all the relevant interaction fields. This technology enables finding leads with higher accuracy and chemical diversity than traditional shape/structure-based solutions.

Pine Biotech is developing an integrative multi-omics, cloud-based analytics platform that can map complex networks of molecular signaling pathways and identify key nodes. The product provides advanced machine- learning capabilities to diverse teams including biologists and bioinformaticians. The T-Bio.info platform combines education, intuitive pipeline-building environment assisted by artificial intelligence and methods covering most omics data types – transcriptomics, genomics, metabilomics, proteomics, microbiome, structural biology and integration. The goal of our product is to train research teams and empower them to get more out of their data.

If you’d like to know more about the Pistoia Alliance’s startup challenges, contact David Proudlock.

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