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Our projects transform R&D innovation through pre-competitive collaboration.
By collaborating as equals we can overcome significant challenges too complex to tackle in isolation.
Our HELM project has won awards, and we were instrumental in setting up the tranSMART Foundation.
To deliver our vision we build upon a platform of transparency, openness, technical expertise and collaboration.

Lowering Barriers to R&D Innovation

We are a global, not-for-profit alliance of life science companies, vendors, publishers, and academic groups that work together to lower barriers to innovation in R&D.

Our projects transform R&D innovation through pre-competitive collaboration. We bring together the key constituents to identify the root causes that lead to R&D inefficiencies. We develop best practices and technology pilots to overcome common obstacles.

Our members collaborate as equals on open projects that generate significant value for the worldwide life sciences community.

Active Projects

Interactive Ideas

With the launch of our Interactive Project Portfolio Platform (IP3) we are embracing a new level of openness, access, and transparency around our idea-to-project process. The platform is open to the public to submit new ideas, comment and vote on proposed ideas, and monitor the progress of our projects.

Sergio Rotstein, Director of Research Business Technology, Pfizer

"Through the formation of significant collaborative relationships across its member organizations, the Pistoia Alliance enables us to work jointly towards the resolution of common problems in an unprecedented fashion, resulting in a level of efficiency and interoperability that is vital to our increasingly collaborative industry.”

Michael Braxenthaler, pRED Informatics Global Head Strategic Alliances, Roche

"Pistoia-led projects have the potential to transform precompetitive R&D, making it more open and collaborative and providing a platform upon which organizations can innovate in the ways most suited to their ultimate goals."

Stephen Gallagher, Director and CEO, Dotmatics Ltd

"Dotmatics has joined the Pistoia Alliance to participate in, and help inform the debate on, key future trends in our industry. The Alliance will be an important forum for us to understand and align to our customer needs and our involvement will allow us to access and help shape new standards that will benefit all scientific software users."

SESL at Bio-ITWorld Europe: What’s the future of knowledge brokering?

I was able to take SESL on a public spin at the Bio-ITWorld meeting last week in Hannover, and it was very well received. As we at the Pistoia Alliance bring this project to a close, it’s clear that we’re in a SESL-is-dead, long-live-SESL situation as we determine the best way to leverage the lessons from this project in other initiatives—very likely the Open PHACTS project sponsored by the IMI.


Our Members*


* A full list of our membership including individual members can be found here. (Last updated May 18 2018)


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