We are pleased to announce the outline agenda for our 2017 US Conference , “Lab of the Future”. If you’d like to attend, please register now! The conference is being held at the Hilton Boston Back Bay. A hotel room block has been made available for the benefit of delegates.

The distinction between the research laboratory, clinic, ambulatory care and the hospital is diminishing as technology blurs the boundaries. Major advances are being seen in:

  • Automation
  • Connectivity
  • Machine learning
  • Augmented reality
  • Quantum computing
  • Blockchain

The loop is being closed between clinical outcomes data and research data. Scientific advances delivering lab-on-a-chip and even human-on-a-chip bring research infrastructure closer to the patient with far quicker turnaround times. We envisage fundamental changes in how we leverage our learnings from real life data into discovery and development, and see an increase need for collaboration between all parties involved, from:

  • Pharma companies to payers
  • CROs to technology vendors
  • Regulators to Pharma companies
  • Academics to publishers

It is vital to stay ahead of the rapid advances in all technologies, from machine learning to mobile health, and to derive the greatest benefit from them.The patient  is becoming the very centre of future R&D and will require us to wrestle not only with technical issues, but with issues like data ownership, scalability and ethics, as precision medicine becomes the norm.

The Pistoia Alliance US Conference 2017 will offer delegates an opportunity to debate the convergence that is already taking place across the pharma and life science R&D value chain, and identify key areas where the Pistoia Alliance, already a thought leader in many of these areas, can set up collaborative projects that will make a real difference to research.

Here is the outline agenda for Tuesday 10th October – open to members and invited guests only:

  • 7.30 Registration and Coffee
  • 8.25 Chairman’s opening remarks
    • Zahid Tharia, Pistoia Alliance
  • 8.30 President’s Opening Address
    • Dr Steve Arlington, President, Pistoia Alliance
  • 8.50 Keynote Address: People and their data – creating new relationships? (working title)
    • Kevin Dean, Lead Advisor, Smart Health Sciences,
    • Member of the Advisory Board, Pistoia Alliance
  • 9.35 Pistoia Alliance Portfolio update
    • Carmen Nitsche, Pistoia Alliance
  • 9.55 Keynote Address:
    • Michael Shanler, Research VP, Gartner
  • 10.30 Coffee (Sponsored by ACD Labs)
  • 11.00  Panel Discussion: What does the “Lab of the Future” look like and how do we get there?
    • Alastair Binnie, VP R&D IT, Bristol-Myers Squibb
    • Michael J McManus, Sr. Health & Life Sciences Solution Architect, Intel
    • Alok Tayi, CEO, TetraScience
    • Jeff Noonan, VP, Business Development, ThermoFisher Scientific
  • 12.15 Lunch and Poster viewing
  • 13.15 Breakout Sessions


  • Introduction
  • Polling of participants
  • Discussion on results of above withe user case studies from a Pistoia Alliance member
  • Identify possible projects for Pistoia Alliance to undertake


Breakout One: Blockchain

Sponsored by Accenture
Blockchain technology in healthcare has the potential to be transformational over the next 5 years. Blockchain can reliably and securely exchange data and transactions between companies, regulators and/or consumers. In this breakout we will discuss the opportunities for using Blockchain in healthcare and how we can work together to solve the common challenges.

Breakout Two: Artificial Intelligence

Sponsored by Elsevier and Databiology
AI / Deep learning has shown some impressive results across a variety of domains but challenges exist since though our life science domain is data rich, it is often poorly defined creating barriers to the adoption of Deep learning. In the breakout we want to examine applications of deep learning to a variety of life science problems to understand whether deep learning will transform these tasks or if the life science domain poses unique challenges.

Breakout Three: Lab of the Future and the Cloud

Sponsored by Perkin Elmer
Cloud computing in its various forms is now broadly accepted throughout the Pharmaceutical industry. We will cover: adding resources to your research program by ordering assays or compound libraries using integrated cloud solutions; collaborating with external or internal partners at different locations through tailored cloud collaboration tools; moving your data management to the cloud opens up new opportunities in terms of data analytics; combining your own data with other data sources can reveal completely new insights.

Breakout Four: IoT and RWD

Sponsored by The Hyve
The Internet of Things (IoT) offers some interesting opportunities for the generation of highly relevant RWD (Real World Data) from wearable smart devices including smart phones. Self-monitoring has many advantages. General monitoring of health indicators – especially in the elderly – provides many healthcare advantages; clinical study participants need fewer visits to the clinic for assessment; the benefits (or otherwise) of therapeutic interventions might better be assessed by continuous, on-line recording of important parameters. In this breakout, industry-leading practitioners will explore the potential of exploiting IoT and wearables to enhance bio-pharma R&D and healthcare productivity & efficiency.


  • 14.45 Coffee
  • 15.15 Breakout Session coordinators report back
  • 15.45 Keynote: Designing the Lab of the Future (working title)
    • Randy Kray, Director, Science & Technology Practice, HOK
  • 16.15 President’s Challenge – Finalists’ value proposition pitches
  • 17.15 President’s closing remarks and the award of the Poster Prize
  • 17.30 Networking Reception including President’s Challenge Award announcement (Sponsored by Tetrascience)
  • End of conference

If you haven’t already registered for our US conference then please register now!

Please note that the conference is open only to Pistoia Alliance members and invited special guests. Non-members will be admitted only if space remains.

Extra information for Pistoia Alliance board members only

  • Pre-conference workshop: Monday 9th October, time TBD, Hilton Boston Back Bay
  • Board Meeting: Monday 9th October, 2:30pm-6pm, Hilton Boston Back Bay
  • Board and Ops Dinner: Monday 9th October, time and venue TBC
  • Advisory Board Dinner: Tuesday 10th October, time and venue TBC
  • Innovation Committee Meeting: Wednesday 11th October, time TBC, Hilton Boston Back Bay
  • Investment Committee Meeting: Wednesday 11th October, time TBC, Hilton Boston Back Bay
  • Ops Meeting:Wednesday 11th October, 8am-10am, Hilton Boston Back Bay
  • Advisory Board Meeting: Wednesday 11th October, 10am-4pm, Hilton Boston Back Bay

2 comments on “Agenda announced for our US Conference 2017 in Boston

  1. Lawrence Piazza, MD, MBA on

    I am a physician and recent graduate of Sloan MIT School of Management. I have an interest in platform development for the application of Blockchain management of Electronic Health Records. Who do you suggest that I contact and how might I become a member of your Alliance?

  2. David Proudlock on

    Hello Lawrence,

    Apologies for the slow reply, we’ve just had some personnel change and I’ve just picked up the website.

    In the first instance, please have a look at our website, the join request form can be found here:
    It is free to join as an individual.

    In terms of blockchain, have a look at our recent webinar on blockchain
    Scroll down to find the video of the webinar

    We are just investigating this space to look to start a new project for our members to collaborate on, so subscribe to our newsletter and also join the Pistoia Alliance linkedin group.Watch out for the announcement of a Blockchain Community of Interest (not guaranteed, but I’d expect one to be created in the next few months)

    If you have more detailed questions, you can mail me at david.proudlock@pistoiaalliance.org


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