New members include Elsevier, KWS and Ionis Pharmaceuticals

Wilmington, DE – The Pistoia Alliance welcomed a host of new members at the start of 2016, further enhancing its position as a global, not-for-profit alliance of life science organizations that work together to lower barriers to innovation in R&D.

The new members represent a broad cross-section of the life sciences industry, including established pharmaceutical companies, companies that play a role in supporting life sciences research, academic consortia, and newly launched start ups.

The full list of new members includes Elsevier, KWS, Ionis Pharmaceuticals, IMGT, FactBio, Informatics Unlimited, Savdion, and a number of independent experts and consultants.

Tim Hoctor, Vice President, Life Science Solutions Services at Elsevier, said: “Joining the Pistoia Alliance presents us with a range of new opportunities to engage with the life sciences industry and bring us new insights into the challenges that face it, which will in turn help us deliver greater value to our customers. We will also be able to get actively involved in developing common standards and solutions to industry-wide problems by taking part in the Pistoia Alliance’s unique pre-competitive collaborative projects.”

Steve Arlington, President of the Pistoia Alliance, said: “I am delighted to welcome our new members to the Pistoia Alliance. The Pistoia Alliance today brings together many organizations’ from a broad range of disciplines who work together to solve problems they cannot tackle alone. Our members work tirelessly to innovate across the whole of the healthcare ecosystem. Our new members add to the breadth and depth of our capabilities. By fostering an environment where we can pool our knowledge and work together on difficult problems and solve them, we feel we are making good progress in many of our projects .”

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