This report is intended for all members and friends of the Pistoia Alliance, and any others interested in its work supporting cross-industry collaboration and innovation.
It sets out to consider what the life science, biopharma R&D, and healthcare ecosystem might look like in 2030.


The objective is to ensure that the Pistoia Alliance, its members, and the industry as a whole, are prepared and agile enough to respond to the changes that will occur over the next ten years or so in the life science/biopharma/healthcare ecosystem.


The sophistication of technology is increasing exponentially; enhancements are enabling the development of scientific method and consequently scientific insight. This combination of advances in technology, medical science and healthcare is empowering society to progress from a “one-size-fits-all” management and palliation of disease, to a personalized, preventive and predictive approach – even to the cure of previously incurable disease.


However, these healthcare developments come at a cost. Society will need to think of new ways of valuing, calculating and funding the costs of healthcare delivery. The key stakeholders must evolve to become an integrated community embracing all aspects of healthcare (patients, disease prevention and diagnosis, treatment and monitoring) that collaborates, educates, and informs.


To support this evolution, we have produced this “futurescape” set around the year 2030.
It looks back at the changes experienced by the world and its demand for healthcare and is written from this retrospective point of view. There are many scenarios we could legitimately put forward and challenge, choosing just one was a lengthy process involving many industry experts. It is not to say it will be correct. However, in presenting these scenarios it is hoped that they might stimulate debate and help identify signals that identify the likely drivers of change over the next decade.


“In times of political and social upheaval, maintaining our links across borders and working closely together is more important than ever. We must focus on science, not geography”


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