Pistoia Alliance AbVance: focus on advancing the state of the art in antibody complex modelling for drug discovery. Review on ‘Computational approaches to therapeutic antibody design’ submitted for publication.


Members of the Pistoia Alliance AbVance initiative have recently submitted a review entitled “Computational approaches to therapeutic antibody design: established methods and emerging trends” for peer-reviewed publication. In the review we provide a comprehensive overview of the most important antibody-specific databases, modelling, docking and design protocols, giving scientists and antibody engineers a point of reference for available resources. We provide context for these bioinformatics resources in the form of current efforts in the rational design of antibody-based therapeutics and discuss developing trends in the field such as the use of Next Generation Sequencing data to guide antibody drug design and the increasing interest in the application of bioinformatic tools to the discovery and development of diverse antibody-related molecules such as nanobodies.


Organizations involved in the discovery and development of antibody therapeutics have a unique opportunity to catalyze the development of the computational antibody methods by participating in data sharing and benchmarking efforts.


If you or someone at your organisation is interested in this topic and would like to participate in the AbVance initiative please contact Richard Norman (richard.norman@pistoiaalliance.org), for further information.