We are delighted to announce that Microsoft is supporting our Deep Learning Hackathon.

The Pistoia Alliance want to bring the deep / machine learning community together with the life-science and healthcare industry to demonstrate the potential of deep learning to aid drug discovery and bring new life saving treatments to the world.

The hackathon aims to show how deep learning can work with life science and health related data to make an impact on advancing research into tackling disease and supporting patients.

Microsoft will help us achieve this by providing access to and support for their Azure cloud suite for the event and their

  • Azure Machine Learning Studio
  • Azure notebooks for machine learning and scripting

Join us!
We’ve already announced two of the challenges, more are being developed and will be announced shortly.
We look forward to seeing you at the event.
Register now.

For any questions on how to get involved as competitors, judges or provide a challenge, please contact David Proudlock.

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