We are delighted to announce the 5 finalists for the Pistoia Alliance President’s Startup Challenge 2017.

This year we have solutions in the AI / Analytics space, Internet of Things for laboratories and a cloud based solution for in silico clinical trials.

You can find out more about each finalist below.

Please contact me directly if you’d like to be put in touch with a particular startup here.

They will present their pitches at our members US Conference in Boston on October 10th.

The finalists are:

Cubuslab builds an Internet-of-Things platform tailored to the lab. By connecting, integrating and automating, cubuslab empowers and supports scientists and lab-technicians in their daily work creating space for creativity and curiosity. The platform integrates lab instruments (vendor independent and specifically including legacy devices), third-party software systems and the lab-technician. By providing a digital backbone to relevant interaction in the laboratory, cubuslab enables intelligent support and automation for challenges from monitoring and lab execution to asset management and machine learning. By digitalising laboratory interaction cubuslab will shape the lab of the future.

InSilicoTrials is the first cloud-based platform for in silico clinical trials, built to provide healthcare companies and research centers with an integrated and easy-to-use tool to perform computational testing during the development and validation process of new medical devices and drugs. Using this integrated platform will allow gathering clinical evidence across a broader range of treatment applications, decreasing the number of failures during traditional clinical trials on animals and humans, hence significantly reducing R&D costs. InSilicoTrials aims to build and offer a reliable and trustworthy platform to life science and healthcare R&D, based on a web-based collaboration paradigm, to reduce time-to-market for new products and treatments. The ambitious goal of InSilicoTrials is to democratize simulations in healthcare, lowering barriers entry in terms of investment and high-level knowledge requirements, and finally resulting in an increased pace of innovation.

Medley Genomics brings novel informatic approaches to shift the burden of cancer from that of a lethal disease to a treatable disease by revealing deep insight into tumor heterogeneity. This provides a unique, integral part of the ultimate Precision Medicine Analytical Platform for diagnosing, optimizing and monitoring treatment for patients afflicted with cancer. Our patent pending Heterogeneity™ software, applied to genomic data derived from patients tumors, provides a unique solution to decipher complex intratumor cell compositions and intertumor biological mechanisms adding new depth of genomic knowledge regarding the tumor ecosystem. This knowledge enables oncologists to deliver significantly more accurate treatment and timely disease monitoring, and provides biopharma with invaluable data for creating therapeutics whose efficacy will exceed that of existing solutions, transforming treatment practices to resemble protocols for chronic diseases.

Phenomic AI is developing a machine learning platform to characterize cell and tissue phenotypes in biomedical images. We are initially focused on high content screening applications in which automated microscopy systems are used in drug discovery to study cellular function under thousands of chemical or genetic perturbations. We have developed deep learning architectures that significantly outperformed previous methods at classifying these images and are transferable across different image datasets. At Phenomic AI we aim to bring this technology to the biotech and pharmaceutical industries by building a standalone platform for analyzing phenotypes in microscopy images and by partnering with industry.

Transformative employs predictive analytics and artificial intelligence to transform healthcare. Predictive analytics is the next frontier in medicine. Today, patients with chronic medical conditions suffer life-threatening disease complications without warning. Tomorrow, patients and healthcare providers will use Transformative tools to identify the subtle physiologic changes that precede symptom onset, enabling personalised preparation and prevention.

We apply world-class machine learning techniques to healthcare, a sector that continues to apply twentieth century technology to data interpretation. The nexus of non-invasive continuous monitoring technologies, cloud-based data transmission, and advanced computing holds the power to transform healthcare. We harness these tools to empower patients and healthcare providers to avoid disease complications, saving lives.


If you’d like to know more about the Pistoia Alliance’s startup challenges and similar events, contact David Proudlock.