The HELM (Hierarchical Editing Language for Macromolecules) 2.0 project has today published an RFI requesting estimates for the creation of a web-based editor.

In addition to the transition from one architecture to another, this work will include:

  1. Adding the ability to define areas of ambiguity in molecules in accordance with the HELM2 specification.
  2. Adding the Helm Antibody Editor (HAbE) functionality so there is a single editor package.
  3. Expanding the range of small molecule editors that can be integrated by implementing a structure drawing API.
  4. Removing the dependency on yFiles.

The RFP documentation is in five parts, and is available in this folder:

The individual files may be downloaded as PDF files via the links below:

  1. Pistoia Alliance HELM Web-based Editor RFI V1_0
  2. HELM Web-based Editor Requirements Specification V1_0.pdf
  3. Ambiguous HELM Line Notation Design.doc
  4. HELM Web-based Editor Conceptual Wireframes.pdf
  5. HELM Monomer Editor Conceptual Wireframes.pdf

Confirmation of intent to participate should be received by Claire Bellamy at by 10am GMT on Monday 25th January.

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