The rapid growth and adoption of AI technologies have tremendous promise to drive innovation and improve operational efficiency, particularly if the risks can be managed. There are many risks, including those related to the mass consumption of copyrighted works, which is at the heart of AI systems that rely on them. In many of these systems, copyrighted content is copied, stored, and can be reproduced, analyzed, and used to create summaries, classifications, and additional works.
This event will provide insight on how copyrighted materials are retained and reused in AI systems, including large language models. Our expert speakers will discuss the copyright implications, the legal risks, and the role of licensing as an integral part of a comprehensive AI governance, risk, and compliance program.


Dr. Haralambos Marmanis is CCC’s Executive Vice President & CTO, where he is responsible for driving the product and technology vision as well as the implementation of all software systems at CCC. Dr.Marmanis has over 30 years of experience in computing and leading software teams. Before CCC, he was the CTO at Emptoris (IBM), a leader in supply and contract management software solutions. He is a pioneer in the adoption of machine learning techniques in enterprise software. Dr. Marmanis is the author of the book “Algorithms of the Intelligent Web,” which introduced machine learning to a wide audience of practitioners working on everyday software applications. He is also an expert in supply management, co-author of the first book on Spend Analysis, and author of several publications in peer-reviewed international scientific journals, conferences, and technical periodicals. Marmanis holds a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Brown University, and an MSc from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He was the recipient of the Sigma-Xi innovation award and an NSF graduate fellow at Brown.
Catherine Zaller Rowland is Vice President, General Counsel, at CCC where she oversees the Legal Department and advises on complex issues including copyright licensing, software, professional services, and the intersection of copyright and emerging technologies. Previously, Rowland held a range of positions in the private sector and federal government, focusing on intellectual property matters. Most recently, she served as Associate Register of Copyrights and Director of the Office of Public Information and Education at the U.S. Copyright Office, where she was one of four principal legal advisors to the head of the Copyright Office. She began her legal career in private practice focusing on intellectual property litigation, transactions, and counseling.

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