Our community of experts aims to improve the understanding of controlled substances and cross-border shipping legislation worldwide.

Why is this important?

Controlled Substances:

High levels of compliance are vital to the credibility of and public trust in life science R&D. Enhancing community members’ knowledge supports the goal of our industry – improving the health outcomes of all.

Controlled substance legislation has changed rapidly in recent years as legislators respond to the issues and concerns in society. For example, enhanced suspicious order monitoring requirements in response to the opioid epidemic, and ‘super generic’ definitions in response to the rapid increase in synthetic cannabinoid analogs in the mid-2010s. Remaining compliant in this environment is an ever-growing challenge, and consequences for breaches are severe.


Cross-Border Shipping legislation is also a very dynamic environment and ties in very closely with aspects of Controlled Substance logistics. Since the start of the pandemic there have been many additional challenges in moving Pharmaceutical R&D materials. Our members must ensure shipments are fully compliant with all national and international requirements. There is no leeway in making mistakes as delayed or rejected shipments could have a tremendous negative impact on pharmaceutical development timelines.

Meet some of the team

Jack DeCicco

EHS Manager Hazardous Substances and Shipping Lead


Terry Richard Stouch, PhD

CSO / Senior Editor-in-Chief

Science For Solution, LLC / Springer Nature “Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design”

Andreas Schumacher

Head of Operational Compliance

Novartis Pharma AG

Joseph Pease (Joe)

Analytical Research, Discovery Chemistry


Jessie Bin Song

Jessie Bin Song

Director, Controlled Substance Compliance


Joe Bradley

Chief Executive Officer

Scitegrity Limited

Karl Cable

Manager, Radiation and Controlled Substances UK


Nicolas Fur

Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research

Akos Papp

Akos Papp

Product Manager of Compliance Checker and cHemTS


Steering Committee

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