The Chemical Safety Library project announces RFP to build a hazardous reaction database

The Chemical Safety Library project (CSL) is pleased to release an RFP to build a prototype tool that will be used to enter new hazardous reaction information, store it and enable simple searching on the data held. The vision for the tool, being to make previously unaccessible hazardous reaction information available to the right people at the right time.

Agenda announced for our US Conference 2016 in Boston

We are pleased to announce the full agenda for our 2016 US Conference. If you'd like to attend, please register now! The one-day event for members and invited guests only has been planned around three panel discussions on current hot topics in life sciences R&D, and will include the live judging and audience choice voting for the President's Startup Challenge 2016.

Counting on the Pistoia Alliance: A strategy for Growth

While the Pistoia Alliance has been successful in the past, with a strong and growing membership, alongside a series of successful projects, which have improved the efficiency of global life sciences R&D, the Pistoia Alliance faces a number of challenges which must be met in order to ensure its continued relevance.