This community seeks to understand and improve the interface between the biopharmaceutical industry and research-led patient organizations or medical research charities.

Why is this important?

Traditionally pharmaceutical companies work with research-led patient organizations (R-LPOs) in a tactical way, for example, to find patients for clinical studies. R-LPOs would prefer the pharma industry to work with them in a strategic way developing products and supporting clinical studies from the patient (and patient carers/representatives). Such an approach would invite the Pharma industry to engage with R-LPOs to determine relevant clinical end-points.


This community is aligned with our strategic focus on empowering the patient and enabling the voice of the patient to be a pervasive influence in co-designing research and services. 

What will the project achieve?

Members of the community have authored a paper on ‘Enhancing patient-centric research in biopharma R&D’ to be submitted to Drug Discovery Today.