2022 Lab Manager Women Leaders in Science Digital Summit


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What: 2022 Lab Manager Women Leaders in Science Digital Summit


When: August 17, 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM EDT

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Diversity and Inclusion in STEM: A Leadership Initiative

As an industry, STEM has a diversity issue, and this can only be addressed by developing leadership and mentoring skills within life sciences companies. To build more inclusive companies in the life sciences industry, The Pistoia Alliance initiated the Women in STEM pilot program and has since applied the lessons learned to move on to develop the Diversity and Inclusion in STEM Leadership program. The goal of this program is to develop leadership and mentoring skills in diverse leaders at life science companies, enabling them to support, initiate, and/or lead diversity efforts at their respective organizations.


This session will provide an update on the project and highlight how the industry’s diversity problem can be solved from within and will offer advice on how current and aspiring lab leaders can implement similar programs within their own organizations. Learn about the unique challenges faced by women in STEM positions, and how diversity and inclusion programs can help bridge the gap.


To learn more about the Pistoia Alliance’s Diversity & Inclusion in STEM Leadership Program or to submit an application for our Fall 2022 cohort, click here.


Anca Anca Maria Ciobanu, MBA
Strategic Theme Lead, Pistoia Alliance
Email: Diversity@PistoiaAlliance.org
Connect: Anca Maria Ciobanu, MBA on LinkedIn

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