6th Annual Open Meeting Pharmacogenetics and Stratified Medicine Network


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Royal College of Physicians (London)
11 St. Andrews Place, London, NW1 4LE

The meeting is open to all those interested in the development of pharmacogenomics and how personalised medicine is moving forward into the clinic to provide patients with improved healthcare outcomes.

There are great opportunities to meet with colleagues from industry, academia, clinical and regulatory organisations as well as patients.  To register visit  https://bit.ly/2p3gXN0 

Contact Christine McNamee cjmcn@liv.ac.uk for information on exhibiting the expertise of your organisation at the event.


Prof Dan Roden Biobanks, electronic health records and precision medicine
Prof Chas Bountra Partnering with pharmaceutical companies
Prof Phil Beales Precision medicine of rare disease
Prof Kathy Giacomini Membrane Transporters and precision medicine
Richard Stephens Patient perspective
Dr Daniel Zerbino Using the whole genome in furthering precision medicine
Dr Amy Webster Epigenomics and precision medicine
Dr Ellen McDonagh Pharmacogenomic testing in the Genomic Medicine Service
Prof Mary Relling Implementing pharmacogenomics in paediatrics
Dr Richard Turner Rare variants and importance in pharmacogenomics
Prof Chris Holmes Artificial intelligence and health informatics
Dr Nicola Strickland AI in Radiology and relevance to precision medicine
Prof Phil Quirke Role of AI in Pathology


Attendees will receive 6 CPD credits from Royal College of Physicians