Actionable strategies for integrating data silos in pharma


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Join us to learn how you can enhance your data management practices

In life sciences, analyzing across data assets generates new perspectives and provides meaningful insights for decision-making. However, integrating data at scale and continuously is tedious work.  ONTOFORCE has a proven track record of bringing silos of information together and democratizing data access. During this live webinar, we will explore the unique challenges involved in consolidating, integrating, and maintaining data from diverse sources in the life sciences field, using the 140+ data assets that we and our customers integrate continuously as an example. We will also delve into effective strategies that can be utilized to ensure data quality and monitor continuous integration across data silos.

Key topics to be covered will include:

  • Understanding the complexity of data sources in life sciences knowledge graphs 
  • Identifying challenges and bottlenecks in managing data integration 
  • Exploring best practices for maintaining data quality and integrity
  • Strategies for overcoming hurdles in working with public data sources
  • Real-world best practices
  • Interactive Q&A session with our expertsBy participating in this webinar, you will gain valuable insights, practical knowledge, and actionable strategies that can greatly enhance your data management practices in the life sciences industry. 


  • Martin Robbins HEAD OF PRODUCT
  • Paulo Van Huffel PRODUCT OWNER

Who should join

  • Data scientists
  • Data wranglers
  • Scientific researchers
  • Heads of research
  • Bioinformaticians
  • Heads of IT and more…