AI/ML CoE Datathon for Repurposing Drugs for Rare Diseases


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Register for the Datathon – Teams allocated from 15 Oct but registration continuing during Oct

The non-profits CuresWithinReach and Mission: Cure are working on possible drug repurposing in a number of rare disease areas, including chronic pancreatitis, Meniere’s disease, retinitis pigmentosa and obsessive–compulsive disorder. As part of our work with the Pistoia Alliance Centre of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence, Elsevier is providing datasets relevant for these diseases to participants in the Datathon.

PwC has predicted that by 2020 there will be 2.7 million job postings for data science and analytics roles, with many companies unable to fill these positions because of a lack of eligible candidates. To help organisations overcome this skill shortage, we are hosting a charitable datathon challenge that will allow participants to showcase their data expertise, in order to recruit the analytical teams for the future.

The datathon will run for 2 months from this launch and further details in The Pistoia Alliance’s AI/ML Workshop in Boston on 9th October 2018 and will look to identify repurposed drugs to treat rare diseases.

To support this datathon, Elsevier will make a host of data available through its new Entellect platform. The challenge will look to not only predict likely drug candidates, but also predict the possible side effects (adverse events) and any drug-drug interactions that might arise from treating comorbidities (conditions that might accompany the rare disease).

Are you up for the challenge? Would like to find out more information? If so, please contact Jabe Wilson (Elsevier), Vladimir Makarov (Pistoia Alliance).

Datathon timeline

  • October 1: Pistoia Alliance webinar and opening of registration
  • October 9: Datathon launch event in Boston
  • October 15 onwards: Teams allocated
  • From Mid-October (TBC): Pistoia Alliance datathons webinar with detailed instructions for the teams
  • December 31: Close of Datathon
  • Mid January 2019: Judging starts
  • March 2019: Spring conference in London with awards ceremony and reports on progress


Register for the Datathon