Pistoia Alliance Webinar: Building trust and accountability: the role user experience design can play in artificial intelligence


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Applying AI in a life science and healthcare environment will need to be done with care. Scientists do not trust black boxes for good reasons!


How can we use UX design to build confidence and trust? How can we communicate methodology for data training, testing and validation?


What are the ethical considerations of AI? In this webinar our panel of UX specialists will give a brief introduction to User Experience before presenting the design opportunities UX can bring to AI. We all know that AI has great potential but has some significant hurdles to overcome not least so the human aspect of trust and ethical considerations when designing in the life sciences.


Join us for this webinar where we will cover the following key aspects: An intro to UX design and the importance of UX design in the context of AI.


Can AI be supported by good UX? Case studies of how UX is being applied in AI.


Hosted by Paula de Matos (Pistoia Alliance)



  • Simon Fortenbacher (GSK)
  • Gergely Szabo (Elsevier)
  • Kirk Brote (Brote Consulting


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