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In this Virtual Workshop, we will focus on tools from the CSD Software designed to enhance and assist the visualization and analysis of porous materials such as metal-organic frameworks (MOFs). After learning tactics to search relevant structures using ConQuest, we will focus on functionality in our desktop molecular visualizer software Mercury, including the new Pore Analyser. Along the way you will also discover some and tips and tricks to help you gain new insights from voids and porous materials using structural informatics.

We’ll also have hands-on activities to teach you how to use Mercury for:

  • Visualizing porous materials effectively.
  • Analysing pore space in your structures using Pore Analyser.
  • Understanding porous materials.

The tutors hosting the event have developed these tools for to explore porous materials alongside leading experts in the field.

The workshop will be recorded and all registered participants will have access to the recording.