FAIR Webinar: Collaborative Observational Health Research Using OHDSI Methods


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Date: July 29, 2021


Time: 4 pm BST / 11 am EDT / 8 am PDT


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This webinar will present clinical data standardization and harmonization using the Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership (OMOP) Common Data Model (CDM), standard vocabularies, and standardized analytics. It will include contributions to the European Health Data & Evidence Network (EHDEN), an Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI 2) consortium with 22 partners operating in Europe.


Maxim Moinat is a Data Engineer, specialized in Medical Informatics at The Hyve, in Utrecht NL.


Maxim is an experienced Data Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in bioinformatics and medical informatics. He is skilled in using Python and R to transform and analyze large datasets, with experience in leading small technical teams and collaborating in large scientific partnerships. His education in Medical Natural Sciences, Bioinformatics and Systems Biology has given him a strong background in and affinity for mathematics, physics, computer science, molecular biology, -omics and modeling complex systems. His passion is to apply these skills to advance biomedical science, ultimately improving healthcare for many patients. Maxim holds an MSc in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology from Vrije University of Amsterdam.


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