Webinar: Considerations in Ontology Management: Productionising Ontologies


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What: Considerations in Ontology Management: Productionising Ontologies


When: June 29, 10 am EDT /  3 pm BST / 7 am PDT / 11 pm JST


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Join us as we describe some of the points that need to be considered when productionising ontologies. As the industry becomes more and more aware of the importance of taking a data-centric approach to asset management and how the FAIR principles can support this, the necessity to have accurate and representative ontologies is obvious.


Many aspects need to be considered when managing and provisioning these ontologies, including version control and change management, capturing mappings between ontologies covering similar domains, dealing with multiple representations of ontologies, and governance to name but a few. It is these points that will be covered in this session.


  • Joseph Mullen, Director of Technical Consultants, SciBite



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