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Millennium Hotel Knightsbridge
17 Sloane Street, London, UK, SW1X 9NU

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ConTech Pharma is a new event that focuses on the transformation of scientific content through data science, AI, machine learning and other emerging technologies, with a specific emphasis on what the implications are for the pharma and digital healthcare industry.


Content creation and consumption is changing faster than ever before which is impacting business models, patterns of behaviour and virtually every aspect of the role of scientific information.  ConTech Pharma 2019 will showcase the very latest thinking and help organisations to understand how these changes will affect them.

The core themes that the ConTech Pharma 2019 speakers and delegates will be discussing are:-

  • Content Focus – Exploring the data governance perspective such as FAIR data and the wider data lifecycle.
  • Insight Focus – From the scientific perspective, such as whether we are talking: Target Discovery, Lead Discovery, Pre-Clinical, Clinical or Surveillance. The role of Predictive Analytics.
  • Techniques Focus – From the AI, Data Science and Machine Learning perspective – techniques that have worked and are emerging.
  • Decision Focus – from the business perspective – ethics, bias, transparency and socialising results.

ConTech Pharma 2019 is focused on how a new generation of technology is impacting the world of content. We are seeking the pharma and digital healthcare content pioneers who are already seeing the benefits of using data science, the data science visionaries who are building new content tools and those who understand how to start applying data science to their work. If you are a publisher, content strategist, pharma or digital healthcare professional and this resonates with you book your place now.


The discount code is PistoiaAlliance10 – using this registrants will avail themselves of a 10% discount off the conference fee.