Webinar: CSCS Expert Community - Brexit


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This webinar will provide an overview of the current state of play around Brexit and the impact on international pharmaceutical research. Following the presentation, Biocair experts will be available to answer questions in an extended Q and A session.


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Sarah Pentney, Global Quality & Compliance Manager, Biocair
Sarah is responsible for ensuring that Biocair does everything possible to meet regulatory and quality expectations, leading a team of subject-matter experts within the business. Sarah has been providing such support to both internal teams and clients for over ten years.



Karen Coyle, Cambridge Operations Manager, Biocair
As a member of the Export Control Profession, Karen promotes excellence in compliance with import and export controls globally. Karen has several certifications in Global Customs, Compliance and Trade Regulations and also provides a consultancy service to Biocair’s customers, as well as leading workshops and training sessions.


Thomas Pettit, Vice President US Operations, Biocair
Thomas supports all aspects of Biocair’s North American Operations. He utilizes nearly twenty five years of Specialist Logistics experience to help solve our clients’ unique shipping needs.


Gary River, Operations Support Manager, Biocair
With nearly 25 years’ experience in pharmaceutical logistics, Gary provides support to the US and Global Biocair business, covering operations, customer solutions, account management, training and quality & compliance.