CSC Webinar: The Evolving Landscape of U.S. Controlled Substance Regulation


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Pistoia Alliance Controlled Substance Compliance Expert Community


Date: June 2, 2021


Time: 3 PM BST / 10 AM EDT / 7 AM PDT


Guest Speaker: Anne Pritchett Senior Vice President, Policy and Research, PhRMA


Topic: The Evolving Landscape of U.S. Controlled Substance Regulation


The opioid crisis continues to impact the policy and regulatory landscape related to controlled substances at both the state and federal levels in the United States. As the innovative biopharmaceutical industry continues to explore novel targets to meet a wide range of unmet patient needs, navigating the evolving regulatory frameworks aimed to prevent abuse and addiction in the research and development process while also ensuring patients can appropriately access new controlled substances once they are approved is increasingly complex.


This discussion will focus on selected developments in the United States, and how the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), which represents the country’s leading biopharmaceutical research companies, engages on these issues at the state and federal levels and with Congress.


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