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Kimpton Marlowe Hotel
25 Edwin H. Land Blvd, Cambridge, 02141, MA

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D4 USA is ram packed full of case studies – opportunities to get into the weeds, learn and be inspired. Broken down into two sections (‘Enabling Science’ and ‘Doing Science’), every session has been carefully screened to ensure that data and evidence is presented to back up the incredible work that’s being pioneered within pharma companies. This is a deep-learning environment.

The format is simple. 120 senior technical and scientific leaders in the same room. This is designed to ensure that you leave the event not just armed with new knowledge, but with a renewed list of contacts who you’ve actually had the time to spend time getting to know. Don’t commit to a 1000 person meeting where you learn nothing and get face-time with no-one for longer than two minutes. D4 USA is a harbour from the storm, where you can spend two highly; productive days in a friendly, welcoming environment where you will meet the right people and develop the right relationships to move your biodata capabilities forward.

Key Benefits of Attending:

  • Learn and get inspired from listening to 30+ case studies presenting data, evidence, lessons learned, mistakes and insights that will drive your own biodata capabilities forward
  • Understand and leverage the fast emerging role of the healthcare data ecosystem in transforming drug discovery and development
  • Build your biodata capabilities from the bottom up, from both a technical and scientific standpoint
  • Get straight past the hype and vision and into the detail on AI/ML as a tool to build, manage and examine knowledge and vast data sets
  • Meet and spend time with other senior-level pharma and biotech leaders from pioneering organizations

This is the most impressive pharma-focused speaker line-up ever assembled for an event on this topic, on a diverse array of subjects tackling THE critical problems in drug development.

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