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Data Standard Mapping Round Table Event

Data Standards are a set of tools that streamline data acquisition and processing and can exponentially improve business performance. The scientific industry has many data standards and their effectiveness depends on specific use cases.

The Pistoia Alliance is holding a round table discussion to further develop and maximize the usefulness of a prototype we have built with our contributors. The output from the tool will provide a data standard overview report with the most suitable standards to be considered in a particular environment and any potential compatibility issues the user might have.

If you would like to attend this unique event and provide feedback and support for this initiative please register below.

Your hosts for this event will be

  • Perry Devo & Dale Harrison, Greenwich University, UK
  • Graham McGibbon, ACD/Labs
  • Niels van Beuningen, Vivenics
  • Birthe Nielsen, Gerhard Noelken and Anca Ciobanu, Pistoia Alliance