Dotmatics Digital 2020


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Register for Dotmatics Digital 2020. An event running on two half days, May 12-13, consisting of a series of webinars hosted by members of the life science scientific community and Dotmatics staff who will present and discuss their latest implementations, roadmap updates and best practice cases.

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Learn why so many life sciences organizations and their CRO partners are choosing Dotmatics to make timely, data-driven decisions using chemistry and biology research data.

Hear from biotech and biopharma customers conducting research across a variety of modalities (small molecule, biologics, chemically modified biologics…) and how they are using the Dotmatics Platform to capture, store, share, mine and analyse their chemistry and biology research data.

Learn about informatics solutions covering

  • High volume assay workflow supporting proteome-wide screening
  • Querying existing ELN data: reactions and synthetic routes
  • Collaborations between chemists and biologists to develop chemically-modified biologics


Dotmatics staff will present roadmap updates and best practice cases


12th and 13th May – from 09:00 PDT | 12:00 EDT | 17:00 BST | 18:00 CEST


External Speakers
Jarrod Medeiros, Director of Informatics and IT, Casma Therapeutics, Inc.
Raquel Miranda Hoggett, Small Molecule Discovery Workflow Service Manager, Roche
Benjamin Horning, Senior Scientist, Vividion Therapeutics, Inc.