How FAIR is my data: the FAIR(Enough) benchmark at AstraZeneca - Japanese Edition


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What: How FAIR is my data: the FAIRe(nough) benchmark at AstraZeneca -Japanese Edition

When: 24 August 2023 16.00 JST / 08.00  BST


Event Summary

Leveraging the full potential of data is the key to gaining new insight into the scientific and developmental challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry today. The FAIR principles offer a conceptual framework to meet this challenge by focusing on making data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable, but realisation of these concepts greatly varies depending on context and critical needs met in each use case.

As a key step in the journey to data compliance with FAIR, organisations need to evaluate their data against a set of measurable, well defined metrics. The FAIRe(nough) benchmark has been developed in AZ with a focus on integration of data products and systems against a specific context or use case. Providing both high- and low-level assessment metrics, the benchmark is an essential enabler for anyone facing a data integration and FAIRification project.

In this talk, we will present the main characteristics of the FAIRe benchmark, provide an overview of its development and initial application use cases and discuss the perspectives and future plans for development within AZ.

Please note this webinar will be conducted in Japanese.
Please click here to view a recording of this event and other past webinars.

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