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Join the fortnightly community meeting to hear about a new initiative to make available a public resource of tranSMART to host public datasets on Covid-19
tranSMART for Genomics Data and Analysis – funded by Dell Technologies
A public instance of tranSMART v19 will be set up on AWS and open for the Community to view data and run analyses in tranSMART. Existing public datasets containing genomics data and analyses are being loaded into the Platform.  Research groups around the world will be invited to add their datasets. Analysis using this platform can begin immediately.  
This project is a collaboration with Axiomedix who will deploy the and manage the tranSMART site, and curate and load contributed data.
The Foundation will hold informational and training webinars in the fall demonstrating the use of the site and highlighting some of the data and analyses possible.

More details on the meeting and how to register