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What: Pistoia Alliance’s IDMP Ontology Community of Interest Meeting

When: August 11, 2 PM BST / 9 AM EDT / 6 AM PDT / 10 PM JST


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Event Summary

  1. Introduction to Project
  2. MVP Progress Report & Demo
    • Basis of strength substance & reference substance
    • Clinical trials related to medicinal products
  3. Outlook Phase 2
    • Value Capture / Use Case: Regulatory + Manufacturing
    • Call for ideas and use cases for phase 2
    • Open Discussion
  4. How to get involved?

Learn more about the Pistoia Alliance’s IDMP Ontology project by clicking here.




Gerhard Noelken Gerhard Noelken, PhD
Project Lead, Projects & Innovation, Pistoia Alliance
Email: Gerhard.Noelken@PistoiaAlliance.org
Connect: Gerhard Noelken, PhD on LinkedIn
Heiner Oberkampf, CEO and Co-Founder of ACCURIDS Heiner Oberkampf
CEO and Co-Founder, ACCURIDS
Connect: Heiner Oberkampf on LinkedIn
Sheila Elz, Master Data Manager Sheila Elz
Master Data Manager, Bayer
Connect: Sheila Elz on LinkedIn
   Jean-Gonzague Fontaine
   Product and Substance Master Data Lead, GSK
   Connect: Jean-Gonzague Fontaine on LinkedIn
 Thorsten Osthus
 Managing Director, OSTHUS Group
 Connect: Thorsten Osthus on LinkedIn

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