IDMP Ontology Community of Interest Meeting


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Join us for our upcoming Community of Interest meeting to learn more about our IDMP-O initiative. Our newly launched IDMP-O version 1.0 covers all five ISO IDMP standards, enabling a broad range of use cases around substance identification, regulatory processes integration with manufacturing, supply-chain analytics, therapeutic indications, representation of jurisdiction-agnostic medicinal products and pharmacovigilance.

Our focus for 2024 is on supporting the production implementation of IDMP-O in the pharmaceutical sector. We’re introducing dedicated support and training programs to assist pharma and industry professionals in integrating IDMP-O into their workflows and systems. Parallel to our Phase 3 project activities, governance will be further secured by ISO Technical Specification (TS) 21405 – Methodology and Framework for the Development and representation of IDMP Ontology, co-led by Sheila Elz, Bayer Pharma, and Vada Perkins, Boehringer-Ingelheim. The TS has a timeline of two years, with the target date for final publication July 2025.


  • Intro & Highlights from 2023
  • IDMP-O Release 1.0
  • Pharma Implementations
  • IDMP-O Plans 2024
  • Discussion

Please click here to view a recording of this event and other past webinars.