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Remote Research – Capturing Insights Safely in 2020


Caroline Little, Senior User Experience Researcher, AstraZeneca


User research is grounded on a collaborative relationship with our end users – scientists, patients, healthcare providers, or other internal colleagues. But what about when you can’t physically be with research participants – be it because of cost, time, or global pandemic? Good news – research does not have to (and should not) stop! Remote research can often take the place of more standard face-to-face methods and glean similar user insights if properly used. And what you give up in physical presence can often be made up for in quantity and/or type of data.


Join us to learn more about remote user research methodologies, top tips for their application, and past success stories.


The UXLS “Happy Hour” is a series of webinars covering UX topics relevant to the life sciences. This series is run by the Pistoia Alliance UXLS community. It is intended to be an hour of light hearted learning and discussion from some of the thought leaders in UX in the Life Sciences. Bring your beverage of choice and enjoy the discussion.



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