The Final Frontier of LOTF: Digitalising In Vivo Research


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Panel discussion: Digitalising In Vivo Research
Julie Morrison, President, Rockstep Solutions
Amy Huff, Director Of Operations at Charles River Laboratories
Jason M. Davis, Product Owner Director at Charles River Laboratories
The digitalisation of in vivo research has traditionally lagged behind other areas of the drug discovery pipeline, preventing research institutions from realising their vision for a Lab of the Future. It’s estimated that pre-human research accounts for over 40% of the R&D costs per approved new compound, and in vivo research constitutes a large portion of this expenditure. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies can no longer wait to realise the benefits of digitalising such a vital piece of their portfolio.
In this talk, we will discuss the state of digitalisation in in vivo research, explain why this phase of drug discovery is called the “final frontier”, and will examine actual requests from pharmaceutical and biotech companies when tasked with bringing new software into their existing technology stack to meet modernisation initiatives.
Lastly, we will present a use case with a large contract research organisation tasked with replacing homegrown, purpose-built software used in tandem with legacy spreadsheets. We will examine their challenges and wins, including metrics and impact on R&D costs, while implementing a digitalisation initiative.
Julie Morrison is President and co-founder of RockStep Solutions, a company focused on cloud informatics solutions for in vivo drug discovery. At RockStep, Julie leads company operations, product management, and product vision and has implemented user-centred research and design practices as a core tenet of the company’s product development strategy. Driven by a passion for UX, Morrison continues to lead efforts to improve vendor-biopharma relationships and is a champion for the Pistoia Alliance UX Toolkit for Life Sciences. She has lectured on information management in animal model research and published thought leadership articles on data and operations management for the Lab of the Future.
Amy Huff is the Senior Director of Global Operations at Charles River Laboratories.  Before joining the Digital Operations team, Amy Huff was the Director of Operations at the Reno, Nevada site and was responsible for site vivarium-based Technical Operations, In Vivo Training and Animal Care Operations.  She has previously, and continues to, help lead Operations across Charles River with a focus on digitalising laboratory practices for data collection and animal health records.
Amy has spent 19 years with Charles River and earned her MS in Management and Leadership,and a Bachelor of Science degree in Integrated Animal Science.
Jason M. Davis is the Product Owner Director at Charles River Laboratories, Discovery Division, where he has been working for 14 years. Jason has a background in In Vivo Model Development and Efficacy studies (Oncology) and ELN Software Development/Integration.

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