Technology Network's Laboratory of the Future 2022 Online Symposium


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What: Laboratory of the Future 2022

Exploring the Evolution of Automation, Digitization, Connection, and Sustainability


When: February 23-24, 2022 | 8AM PST | 11AM EST | 4PM GMT


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Webinar Summary

Advances in automation and digitization are remodeling how labs are built and run from the ground up. This free-to-attend event will provide researchers the opportunity to hear about the technologies helping to drive digital transformation and laboratory efficiencies.


This online symposium will cover:

  • Delivering the digital lab
  • The quantum revolution in drug discovery
  • Employing life science cloud labs to free up time in your lab
  • The global culture of sustainability in science
  • Streamlining experimentation
  • Enhancing data acquisition
  • The evolution of informatics
  • Virtual capabilities in the lab


Featured Session

Why Cross-Industry Collaboration Can Increase Opportunities to Create the Life Science Industry Lab of the Future

Speaker: Anca Ciobanu, Strategic Lead, Pistoia Alliance

The Lab of the Future is a generic term that was, and still is, being used by many life science organizations to define how their current laboratories will tend to transform with the impacts of digitalization and automation.


The complexity of building an integrated ecosystem of people, processes, technology, and data requires a strategy that embraces a multidisciplinary approach. Many organizations developed their in-house capabilities and had to face different challenges along the way, at their own risk and expense. By bringing together the industry players into a pre-competitive environment, the Pistoia Alliance helps them identify the common bottlenecks in their digitalization path and learn from each other – as much from their missteps as from their successes – devise common solutions to these common problems with shared-risk, shared-reward business model.


Anca Ciobanu, program lead for the Pistoia Alliance’s Lab of the Future Community, will share some of the key challenges and opportunities organizations face today, along with some examples of Pistoia Alliance member-driven initiatives to highlight the power of pre-competitive collaboration in advancing digitalization and automation on the path towards their Lab of the Future.



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