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Open Targets,  UK Spine & UK Pharmacogenetics and Stratified Medicine Network

Online workshop to discuss Pharmacogenetics in Drug Discovery

Academics, clinicians, industry, regulators, patients, others, are invited to share their expertise in using pharmacogenomics in drug discovery.

The first session will feature an expert panel discussion entitled: –

Approaches for Identifying and Prioritising Targets in Drug Discovery: Exploring the opportunities for where Pharmacogenetics (pgx) and Disease Stratification can contribute to making safer and more effective drugs

The second session delegates will have the opportunity to discuss and offer solution to the challenges of: –

  • How is pgx currently used throughout the drug discovery pipeline?
  • How could pgx be used to inform drug target identification and prioritisation to build a full therapeutic hypothesis/target rationale?
  • Personalised prescribing: research gaps and opportunities in pgx to inform drug target prioritisation for more personalised medicine?


We are a not for profit organisation and have to make a small charge to join the workshop to cover administration costs.

Contact Dr Christine McNamee cjmcn@liverpool.ac.uk for more information