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Webinar presented by the Pistoia Alliance FAIR/OM Community of Interest


Speaker: Dr Henriette Harmse, Senior Scientific Programmer, EMBL-EBI


Ontologies and Semantic Web technologies play an important role in the life sciences to help make data more interoperable and reusable. EMBL-EBI contributes to the development of biomedical ontologies and makes extensive use of them in the annotation of public datasets especially for large-scale data integration efforts. There is an increasing recognition for the role of ontologies in making data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR).


The ontologies team (https://www.ebi.ac.uk/spot/ontology/) at EMBL-EBI provide a suite of services to make ontologies more accessible for both humans and machines. We work with scientific data curators and software developers to integrate ontologies and semantics into both the data generation and data presentation workflows. We provide:


  • An ontology lookup service (OLS) for search and visualisation of over 200 ontologies
  • Services for automating and predicting the annotation of data with ontologies (Zooma)
  • An ontology mapping and alignment service (OxO)
  • Tools for generating ontologies from spreadsheets (Webulous)
  • Software for enriching documents in search engines to support semantic search


This webinar will present how we are using these services at EMBL-EBI to scale up the annotation of data and deliver added value through ontologies and semantics to our users.


Dr Henriette Harmse is a Senior Scientific Programmer leading the software development of the ontology services at EMBL-EBI. She has worked in the IT industry since 1996 as a developer, architect and consultant software architect, where she has provided consulting and auditing services to clients across various industries (financial, healthcare, mining, publishing etc) ranging from detailed code analysis to high-level conceptual architectures. She has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence.


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