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Weds, May 13, 2020 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM BST


It seems that AI is also becoming a buzzword, like design thinking. Everyone is talking about AI or wants to have AI, and sees all the ideas and benefits – that’s fine, but how do you get started? But what’s different now? Three innovations have finally put AI on the fast track: Big Data, with the internet and sensors everywhere; massive computing power, especially through the Cloud; and the development of breakthrough algorithms, so computers can be trained to accomplish more sophisticated tasks on their own with deep learning.


If you use new technology, you need to explore and know what’s possible. With design thinking, it aids to outline the steps and define the ways in which you’re going to create the solution. Starting with mapping the customer journey, defining who will be using that service enhanced with intelligent technology, or who will benefit and gain value from it. We will discuss how these two worlds are coming together, and how you get started to transform your venture with Artificial Intelligence using Design Thinking.

Speaker: Claudio Mirti, Principal Solution Specialist – Data & AI, Microsoft

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