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This webinar, supported by ThermoFisher Scientific, will outline progress on the Pistoia Alliance Lab of the Future Projects and will include updates on the Methods Database and the Universal Integration Layer.


14:30 Introduction to the Lab of the Future Strategy in Pistoia Alliance Gerhard Noelken, Project Manager, Pistoia Alliance
14:45 The Methods Database creates the Digitalization of the Analytical Method Description Joshua Bishop, Associate Director, Digital Laboratory – Scientific Support, Merck


Gang Xue, Scientific Director, Amgen

15:05 Universal Integration Layer to simplify system integration in the Lab Andreas Steinbacher, R&D Informatics Lead, Roche
15:25 The Connected Lab: The importance of a fully integrated ecosystem to support COVID-19 responses Cheryl Moody Bartel, Senior Director, Product Management

Thermo Fisher Scientific

15:45 Q&A and Discussion
End 16:00


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