Paperless Lab Academy


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Milano - Lake Maggiore Garibaldi, 20, Baveno (VB), 28831, Lake Maggiore

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The Paperless Lab Academy is one of the best learning informatics congresses for all industries having laboratories. The 2 day congress includes non-commercial high quality presentations, Over a dozen supplier oriented workshops and outstanding network opportunities to maximize socializing and sharing knowledge. Focusing on the importance that data is created in R&D and is used across the entire value chain, the conference is recognized as  leading even for IT, Lab managers, end-users. The congress is free to attend for all companies having laboratories.


At the Paperless Lab Academy  we set the stage for discussions on strategies and implementation of 21th century technologies in the laboratory. It is about discussing key milestones to generate solid business insights from the laboratory, connecting with colleagues who share similar operational issues as you have, learning about user’s case studies and how they are deployed into their processes, discovering the informatics trends from cutting-edge thought leaders, being in the know about the last informatics tools and methodologies in a creative and productive atmosphere.


This year’s theme is all about #edatalifecycle@work. For full details and registration please visit the website. Pistoia Alliance will be presenting