Pistoia Alliance ABPI, HDR UK, MDC - Afternoon Meeting


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Wellcome Trust

Health Data Research UK

Gibbs Building

215 Euston Rd


London NW1 2BE



The Pistoia Alliance, in association with the ABPI, Health Data Research UK and the Medicines Discovery Catapult, is holding a workshop that will bring together representatives from both big and SME pharma, life sciences, and other key stakeholders in the UK health data ecosystem.


The Pistoia Alliance is working with the ABPI, Health Data Research UK (the UK’s national institute for health data science), and the Medicines Discovery Catapult, to support the new, UK-based Health Data Research Hubs’ work in the biopharma & life science industry.

This facilitated workshop will:

  • report on recent industry engagements reflecting industry needs for responsible access to health data
  • report on the progress being made in uniting the UK’s health data to meet that need including: The UK Health Data Research Alliance, Health Data Research Innovation Gateway, Health Data Research
  • Provide an opportunity to contribute to these initiatives and to build on the vision for responsible access to UK health data
  • Identify and propose new projects that will demonstrate how UK health data can be used for R&D innovation and patient benefit

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It is anticipated that a representative from the UK Government’s Office of Life Sciences will also attend the session to provide a UK government perspective on the importance of this area.


This afternoon meeting will be the third in a series of engagements facilitated by the Pistoia Alliance, as part of the development of an on-going community of interest in the UK’s health data science offer.

A networking reception will complete the afternoon’s proceedings.

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