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In collaboration with our colleagues at the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe), Pistoia Alliance will be launching a digital demonstration project in Q2 to address a pressing question on the use of digital technologies in drug development.


Join us for an interactive, workshop-style session to define the topic and scope of the project, selecting from opportunities such as:


1. Utilize user-generated data to inform protocol development
2. Powering studies using a sensor to generate data to inform the endpoint
3. Advancing the Ethical Oversight of Biomedical Research to Keep Pace with Rapid Advancements in Digital Technology
4. Building a strong evidentiary base for the adoption of digital medicine tools to support clinical applications
5. Driving multi-stakeholder acceptance of patient-generated health data (PGHD) for use in clinical trials
6. Assembling domain-centric digital data sets for use as a testing environment for new digital health measures


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