Pistoia Alliance Clinical Trials Carbon Footprint Project


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A recently released white paper of the Health Systems task force of the Sustainable Market Initiative estimated the global clinical trial footprint to equal up to 100 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions a year. This is leading to environmentally conscious behaviors and increasing awareness around clinical trials specific impacts and leading the pharma industry to a need for measuring carbon footprint at a corporate level to meet corporate long-term sustainability objectives.

The collaborative Pistoia Alliance initiative is providing an opportunity for members from different companies for building a model in standardising the evaluation of carbon footprint. The rationale and objectives of this project will be detailed during the webinar

  • Pistoia Alliance-Industry collaborative intiative to standardize carbon footprint evaluation of Decentralized clinical trials – Thierry Escudier & Dalila Nafi, Pistoia Alliance
  • Understanding Sustainability and clinical research – Jason Lanier, Janssen
  • Joining the dots and trade offs for sustainability in clinical trials – Carly Santer, Bayer
  • Saving the planet One site visit at a time- a tool to calculate the impact of clinical research associates’ travel – Aparna Srivistava, Syneos Health
  • Q&A