Pistoia Alliance Collaborate to Innovate Virtual Conference Week


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Virtual Conference Session Recordings


Technology is driving change in life science and healthcare research and development. Pistoia Alliance Virtual Conference Week, to be held October 19-23, 2020, will offer a unique opportunity for stakeholders to come together to debate important developments across the pharma and life science R&D value chain.


Presentations, panel discussions, and virtual networking will provide stimulus and opportunity for discussions to identify key areas where the Pistoia Alliance can set up collaborative projects that will drive innovation and make a real difference to research and ultimately to patients.


Key themes that will be addressed will range from Emerging Science & Technology, Digital, Lab of the Future through Artificial Intelligence and its underlying disciplines to Real World Data along with an update on the current Pistoia Alliance project portfolio.




A wide-ranging number of sponsorship opportunities are available at this event. Please contact Conference and Events Lead Zahid Tharia (zahid.tharia@pistoiaalliance.org) for further information.



Hear from 30+ Life Science Industry Leaders