Pistoia Alliance's 2022 Collaborate to Innovate Conference


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Hilton Boston Back Bay
40 Dalton Street, Boston, MA, 02115, Northeast

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What: Pistoia Alliance’s Collaborate to Innovate Conference

Where: Hilton Boston Back Bay

When: November 1-2, 2022

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Event Summary

Registration is open for the Pistoia Alliance Annual Fall Conference. Collaborate to Innovate is the driving theme of this in-person member event. Join us for a series of plenary presentations, panel discussions, breakout groups, poster presentations, and networking activities as we examine the challenges and opportunities for pre-competitive collaboration across the biopharma value chain. The main conference will be preceded by a day dedicated to reviewing the status of current and proposed Pistoia Alliance projects that aim to lower barriers to innovation in life science R&D.


Project Day, 9am – 6pm, November 1, 2022
The main conference will be preceded by a day dedicated to showcasing and reviewing current and proposed Pistoia Alliance projects that aim to lower barriers to innovation in life science R&D.


Conference Day, 9am – 7:30pm, November 2, 2022
Join us for a series of plenary presentations, panel discussions, breakout groups, poster presentations, and networking activities as we examine the challenges and opportunities for pre-competitive collaboration across the biopharma value chain.


3 Reasons to Attend

  • Gain new insights on topical issues from top pharma senior R&D leaders
  • Engage in our collaborative projects and help solve shared industry challenges
  • Build your industry network at our dedicated evening networking reception


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Hotel Information

A special room rate of $249 + tax has been negotiated for Pistoia Alliance conference delegates staying at the Hilton Boston Back Bay Hotel. To book a room at this rate use this link.

Agenda – Project Day – 1 November 2022

All timings are EST

EST Maverick Room
08:30 Introduction & Announcements
08:45 DataFAIRy – Biological Assay Metadata FAIR Annotation

  • Introduction and overview for newcomers of the Assay Metadata FAIR Annotation (a.k.a. “DataFAIRy”) project
  • An emergent, interoperable data standard for assay protocols, suitable for protocol search, selection, and publishing
  • Brainstorming: which assays would make the most impact?

Vladimir Makarov, Pistoia Alliance

Additional DataFAIRy Team Member

09:15 GMLP – Emergent Good Machine Learning Practices Community

  • Brief project description and overview of progress to date

Vladimir Makarov, Pistoia Alliance

09:30 The IDMP Ontology Project

  • Introduction and overview for newcomers to IDMP and ontologies
  • How to enable semantic interoperability based on FAIR data principles
  • Use the IDMP logical model to Improve data interoperability across your company

Gerhard Noelken, Pistoia Alliance

Heiner Oberkampf, CEO and Co-Founder of ACCURIDS

10:15 Morning Coffee
10:45 Controlled Substance Compliance & Shipping Expert Community

  • Influencing new controlled substance decisions impacting research activities
  • Tools to help stay current with scheduling decisions in major jurisdictions
  • Best practices sharing and Benchmarking
    • Managing controlled substance activities in the research environment and shipments
    • Updates from industry experts, consultants/government on trending topics
    • Best practices in shipping across the biopharmaceutical industry
  • Tariff Codes – updates and changes to nomenclature
  • Impact of Brexit and other global trade challenges

Jack De Cicco, GSK,

Jessie bin Song, Merck

Birthe Nielsen, Pistoia Alliance

11:30 The IDMP Ontology Workshop

  • Workshop with IDMP project members and guests
  • Evaluate the Minimal Viable Product delivery of the IDMP project now available for implementation in your company
  • Watch the live demos saving the competency questions of the Clinical Use case
  • Discuss your expectations for the next project phases

Gerhard Noelken, Pistoia Alliance

Heiner Oberkampf, ACCURIDS

12.15 Lunch
13:15 In Vitro Pharmacology Project

  • High-level outline of the IVP
  • Discussion of the secondary pharmacology analyses performed, including challenges and opportunities
  • Solutions proposed specifically for secondary pharmacology (standardized nomenclature and data format)
  • How the Public Private Partnership will address these solutions
  • Future work: an ontology for assay information and widening the use of the template to other types of in vitro pharmacology assays

Rebecca Racz, Pharmacologist, FDA

Larry Callahan, Chemist, FDA

Veronique Francois-Newton, Pistoia Alliance


14:00 FAIR Implementation

  • Template of phase 3 for the FAIR Implementation project
  • FAIR4Clin Guide

Giovanni Nisato, Pistoia Alliance

14.45 Afternoon Coffee
15:15 Summary of Lab of the Future sessions and Pistoia Alliance D&I Program

1.     Webinar series overview presentationImproving the Efficiency and Effectiveness of R&D

As part of our overall theme of Improving the Efficiency and Effectiveness of R&D, each webinar explores the power of collaboration to solve shared challenges, drive transformation and reduce barriers to innovation in R&D. The session will include an overview of 3 webinars launched in Q2-Q3 2022:

●      Collaborate to Innovate the Lab of the Future

●      Data Science and Standards

●      AI/ML in R&D Automation


2.    D&I in STEM Leadership – program presentation

This program is designed to help senior executives and team leaders develop their leadership capabilities and D&I knowledge. It provides a unique opportunity to connect with other leaders from across the life sciences industry, collaborate on best practices, and develop a personal network that will help strengthen career progression and D&I initiatives within our organization.

Anca Ciobanu, Pistoia Alliance




Methods Hub – the Methods Database Project

  • Introduction and overview to newcomers to the Methods Database project
  • An interoperable data standard for HPLC-UV methods
  • Method portability across instruments, CDS, and Pharmaceutical companies – demonstrations

Pankaj Aggarwal, Merck,

Ken Wells/Juliet McComas, GSK,

Birthe Nielsen, Pistoia Alliance

16.45 Panel Discussion: Digital Transformation to support Emerging Science & Technology

Topics to be addressed include:

●      Quantum Computing, New Research Modalities, Natural Language Generation

●      How do you justify the investment? What is a reasonable RoI?

●      What are the applications/challenges in the regulated domain?

●      What should the Pistoia Alliance be doing?

Chair: John Wise, Pistoia Alliance

Jim Rinker, Elsevier

Chris Waller, Pistoia Alliance Chairman of the BoD

Further panelists  to be confirmed

17.30 Meeting Close & Networking Reception


Agenda – Conference Day – 2 November 2022

All timings are EST


09.00 President’s introduction Becky Upton, President, Pistoia Alliance
09.15 Keynote Presentation I: Regulatory Policy and Innovation

  •       How can regulatory policy drive innovation?
  •       How are we supporting the new science?
  •       The growing importance of RWD/RWE in drug discovery
    and development
  • The importance of interoperability of data
Khair ElZarrad, Director of the Office of Medical Policy, CDER, FDA
09.45 Keynote Presentation II: How can regulatory policy support innovation and pre-competitive collaboration? Vada Perkins, Executive Director, Regulatory Policy & Innovation, Bayer
10:10 Pistoia Alliance Project Portfolio VP, Project Portfolio, Pistoia Alliance
10:30 Keynote Panel Discussion: Innovation in Support of Sustainability in R&D
VP, Project Portfolio, Pistoia Alliance

Ginena Harkins, Director, Safety, Health & Environment, AstraZeneca

Tara Gorney, Senior Director of Research Lab Systems, R&D Tech, GSK 

Maria Cortez, Senior Manager, Accenture

Speaker to confirmed, Pfizer (TBC)


11.10 Morning Break ●      Poster viewing

●      Exhibits

11.40 Partners in R&D Innovation Elsevier, Collaborative Drug Discovery

The Power of Open – Red Hat’s approach to healthcare transformation

Atif Chaughtai, Global Healthcare Market Leader, Red Hat


12.40 Lunch ●      Poster viewing

●      Birds of a feather roundtables

●      Exhibits

13.40 Keynote Presentation III: The power of collaboration – a cross industry perspective Ashish Kulkarni, EVP, Chief Innovation Officer, GAF, Board Member, Kebotics
14.05 The emerging landscape of RNA therapeutics Gilles Georges, VP and Chief Scientific Officer, CAS


14.20 Meet the New Pistoia Alliance Member
13:00 Lunch
  • Poster viewing
  • Birds of a feather roundtables
  • Exhibits
14.00 Breakout One

Emerging Science & Technology

Maryam Hosseini, Senior Solutions Architect, Elucidata

Mya Steadman, Bioinformatics Scientist, Elucidata

Copyright Clearance Center

Breakout Two 

Data Standards

Breakout Three

The Skills Gam

Breakout Four
15:15 Coffee
15.45 Partners in R&D Innovation
16.15 Keynote Address IV – RWD


Christian Nguyen, Vice President, Global Patient Outcomes & Real World Evidence, Eli Lilly & Co
16.45 Panel Discussion: Application of RWD in Drug Discovery & Development Matthias Leddin, Principal Data Scientist, Roche

Keele Wurst, Senior Director, Epidemiology, GSK

Further panellists to be confirmed


17.30 Closing Remarks, Poster Prizes
17.45 Drinks Reception ●      Poster viewing

●      Exhibits




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